The Late Movies: Full House Musical Numbers

Erica Palan

Even though Full House has been off the air since 1995, it's one of the few shows that can suck me in for a good, long TV marathon. Recently, I realized just how many song-and-dance numbers were featured in the long-running family sitcom. Here are six. Did your favorite make the list?

Lollipops and Gummy Bears

The whole family chips in to help when Danny gets tired hosting a telethon.

Motown Philly

Stephanie Tanner is the star of the dance recital.

Love Shack

Stephanie breaks it down on the same telethon.

My Prerogative

Stephanie teaches Danny one of her newest dance moves.


Jesse serenades Rebecca at their wedding.

Yankee Doodle

Michelle and Derek star in the school play.

Teddy Bear

The guys serenade Michelle before bed.