Why Do Divers Go Hot Tubbing After a Dive?

Stacy Conradt
Getty Images
Getty Images / Getty Images

After Olympic divers blow your mind by beautifully twisting and turning through a three-story fall, they usually crawl out of the pool and head for the hot tub.

They’re not just fraternizing with their fellow Olympians, and they’re not trying to go back in time to before they biffed the dive. (What? You know that movie wasn’t nearly as bad as you were expecting.)

The real (and simple) reason is that those diving pools are not particularly warm, and to offset all of the body heat in the room, the building can be pretty chilly too. In order to keep their muscles loose and limber, divers use the hot tub or stand under a warm shower for a minute. And, just like those of us who aren’t elite athletes, hot tubs help them relax. Can’t say we blame them for needing to de-stress.