Meet Bobak Ferdowsi, NASA's "Mohawk Guy"

Chris Higgins

Bobak Ferdowsi is Flight Director on the Mars Science Laboratory mission (aka Curiosity). You may know him better as that guy with the mohawk seen at JPL Mission Control during Sunday/Monday's Curiosity landing. In the video below, Shira Lazar interviews Ferdowsi about Curiosity, his experience of the landing, and what it's like to be a sudden internet celebrity...while doing important science work for NASA.

Representative line: "If my mohawk gets a few more people excited about science and this mission, that's awesome." This is clearly a smart guy, maybe a bit sleep-deprived, with an awesome job and a hot hairdo. Check it out.

Also highly relevant: The Atlantic's coverage of Ferdowsi. Ferdowsi's team voted on his hairstyle leading up to the launch, and it looks like they made a good choice.