Everyone knows Beaker, Kermit, Rizzo, and Fozzie. It’s time we give lesser-known Muppets some love!

1. The Announcer

Remember that silky, disembodied voice that moved us from one scene to the next? That was the Announcer. Although his voice was everywhere, he made only one camera appearance.

2. Gorgon Heap


Gorgon Heap liked eating. A lot. Here, he does what he does best while guest starring with Vincent Price. The monster appeared in only seven episodes.

3. Mean Mama

Mean Mama appeared in 11 episodes, as well as a handful of TV specials. During the show’s second season, she ate Jonnie Cleese’s agent.

4. Thog

Thog was a mild mannered, nine-foot-tall monster. He made seven appearances on the Muppet Show and reappeared in some of Jim Henson’s other productions.

5. The Flying Zucchini Brothers

The Zucchini Brothers were professional human cannonballs. The Italian daredevils appeared seven times between Seasons Two and Five.

6. Fozzie the Amoeba and Kermit the Protozoa

In Season Four, Sam the Eagle looked through a microscope. This is what he saw:

Science can be terrifying.

7. Seven-Foot-Tall Talking Carrot

Because who doesn’t like an outrageously tall walking, talking carrot? In the third season, the carrot sang duets from “Pirates of Penzance” with Gilda Radner. He never saw the limelight again.

8. J.P. Grosse

Grosse owns Muppet Theater, where Statler and Waldorf heckle other Muppets from the balcony. Although his name is regularly mentioned on the show, he appears only three times.

9. Behemoth


Judging from this video, Gorgon Heap wasn’t the only one who liked to eat. Here, Behemoth tries to gulp Shakey Sanchez. The fuzzy orange monster appeared in five episodes, but made a comeback in the latest Muppets film.

10. Paul Revere

Horses look good in New Balance sneakers, don’t they? Complex puppetry may be the reason Paul appeared in only two episodes. It took three people to operate: one person worked the head while two others controlled the legs. In this picture, Bob Hope holds the reins.

11. The Snowths

If you’ve ever visited the internet, then you’ve probably seen the Snowths somewhere (possibly in your nightmares). The fuzzy pink creatures provided the backup vocals in the song “Mahna Mahna” (below), which aired on the show’s first episode. Despite their popularity, they only made three more appearances.