11 Muppets Who Made 11 or Fewer Muppet Show Appearances


Everyone knows Beaker, Kermit, Rizzo, and Fozzie. It’s time we give lesser-known Muppets some love!

1. The Announcer

Remember that silky, disembodied voice that moved us from one scene to the next? That was the Announcer. Although his voice was everywhere, he made only one camera appearance.

2. Gorgon Heap


Gorgon Heap liked eating. A lot. Here, he does what he does best while guest starring with Vincent Price. The monster appeared in only seven episodes.

3. Mean Mama

4. Thog

5. The Flying Zucchini Brothers

6. Fozzie the Amoeba and Kermit the Protozoa

7. Seven-Foot-Tall Talking Carrot

8. J.P. Grosse

9. Behemoth


Judging from this video, Gorgon Heap wasn’t the only one who liked to eat. Here, Behemoth tries to gulp Shakey Sanchez. The fuzzy orange monster appeared in five episodes, but made a comeback in the latest Muppets film.

10. Paul Revere

11. The Snowths