The Late Movies: Modernist Cuisine


Modernist Cuisine describes itself as "a team of chefs, scientists, writers, and food lovers, contributing to the revolution underway in the art and science of cooking." They're probably best known for putting out the 50-pound, 2,400-page, 6-volume, $650 "cookbook to end all cookbooks" titled Modernist Cuisine in 2011. They've also created more than 30 videos--on their own Vimeo channel and on the CHOW YouTube channel--highlighting different modernist cuisine techniques and recipes. These are some of our favorites.

Gelatin Cubes on Solid Surface at High Speed

This video of gelatin cubes bouncing on a solid surface at 6200 FPS illustrates the physical properties of the food.

What Is Sous Vide?

Scott Heimendinger explains this modernist method of cooking.

Recipe: Olive Oil Gummy Worms

A visual accompaniment to the Modernist Cuisine recipe for olive oil gummy worms.

Why Pressure Cookers are Awesome

Scott Heimendinger explains why the pressure cooker is an awesome, no longer dangerous, indispensable tool.

The Ultimate Hamburger

Modernist Cuisine's idea of how to make the perfect hamburger.

Laser-Etching Jimmy Kimmel's Face onto an Omelette

When Nathan Myhrvold, head of the Modernist Cuisine project, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the team laser-etched Jimmy's face onto an omelette. Though the video is on high-speed, the actual process took almost 10 minutes!