"Habanera" is an aria from the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet. It's such a familiar tune that it can fit into various formats and purposes, a few of which you'll see here.

The Opera

Anna Caterina Antonacci shows us how "Habanera" is supposed to be performed, in the classic opera style.

Flashmob Style

A flashmob performance at a restaurant in Grenoble.

Dat's Love

Dorothy Dandridge sings an English version from the 1954 movie Carmen Jones.

The FINA Brothers

Put a fan in his hand, and everyone recognizes that he's suddenly Carmen!

Muppet Style

By the classic trio of Beaker, the Swedish Chef, and Animal.

Muppets Copied

The Muppets introduced an entire generation to "Habanera." There are many YouTube videos in which people copy the Swedish Chef/Beaker/Animal version. I particularly enjoyed this one.


ZIC ZAZOU is a group of nine musicians who play shop tools, toys, furniture, bottles and homemade instruments.