The Late Movies: The Unicycling Bagpiper of Portland...The "Unipiper"

Chris Higgins

Portland, Oregon is well-known for being weird. Driving around town, you see bumper stickers saying "Keep Portland Weird" and indeed, you often see weird activities like tall-bike jousting, nude mass bicycle rides (bicycle rights!!), and even Santa Rampages. But my favorite Portland weirdism comes from The Unipiper, a bagpiping unicyclist who routinely unicycles around the city in full costume, spreading pop culture joy. If you haven't seen these, allow me to emphasize: this is actually kind of normal in Portland. BEHOLD:

Imperial March

This is where it all began -- the "Imperial March," Unipiper style. If you like this, you might also appreciate this performance in which Vader is surrounding by cosplay dancers. Ahem. Also: Kermit reacts.

Christmas Cheer

I bring you tidings of Christmas in Portland.

Space, the Final Frontier

Of course he's a Vulcan. No human is this disciplined.

Super Mario Bros. (SNES)

It's-a-Mario! Complete with fake mustache.

Monkey Island w/Trumpet

The Unipiper, in a rare maskless performance, celebrates after taking second place in a Neatorama/Reddit contest for people with unusual talents. Fans of the Monkey Island games will get the references here. Also pertinent is his submission video; note the Portlanders walking by, not noticing anything out of the ordinary.

Unipiper vs. Neptune Unicycle (With Mouth Harp)

Mid-way through this, we learn that the mouth harper also has special talents. My favorite part is that so many people just wander by and pay no attention to what's going on.


"You shall not pass!"