MythBuster Adam Savage Isn't Done with the Dodo


MythBuster Adam Savage's obsession with the dodo is well-documented, thanks to a TED talk he gave about his methodical recreation of the extinct bird's skeleton—not an easy task, since no complete specimens of dodo skeletons exist.

Today, in a video posted on Tested, he revealed that he's not done with the dodo yet.

Not long after Savage finished his sculpty skeleton, the Royal Ontario Museum sent out its dodo skeleton so that casts could be made for other museums to use. Savage purchased one of those casts, and now he's got two more dodo projects in the works—including what he calls "a dead dodo." It won't be posed, but instead will lay limp around his house. "People will say what is that, and I'll say it's a dead dodo," he says. "They'll pick it up, and it will be limp like a piece of meat. That's what I want. For some reason, that image thrills me."

Savage doesn't just build things for himself; he also helps out his friends. Like that time he built Patton Oswalt's Halloween costume, which you can check out in the video below.