A Day in the Life of a Professional Party Princess

Chris Higgins

M. Alice LeGrow is a professional party princess. It wasn't a job she expected -- she was a graphic novelist until a few years ago, when her publisher went out of business. Seeking a steady job, she took on the job of entertaining kids at parties. In this short documentary by NPR, we learn LeGrow's perspective on the job -- what's challenging about it, how she has learned to like kids, and indeed how she has learned to like the job. Pro tip: "When in doubt, smile harder!"

Princess Marty, The Party Princess from NPR on Vimeo.

For more of LeGrow's perspective on Princess Culture, check out this All Things Considered interview. Also pertinent: her tips on How to Play Ninja Turtles, and a forum post that apparently led to the NPR piece. Good job, Internet.