The Late Movies: Eerie, Indiana

Erica Palan

On December 11, 1816, Indiana became the 19th state. We should be grateful for this because the great state of Indiana has given us a lot in terms of culture: the Indy 500, the Jackson 5, Greg Kinnear, and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. It has also served as the setting for an underrated television show called Eerie, Indiana which, by the grace of the YouTubian gods, we can watch now. Some background: Marshall Teller and his family move from New Jersey to Eerie, Indiana, where he encounters all manner of bizarre scenarios with his friend Simon.

Episode One

Marshall's mom takes a job selling Tupperware™-style plastic containers called Forever Ware, which can keep anything—including humans!—fresh.

Episode Two

Marshall visits the dentist, whose retainers read dogs' minds.

Episode Three

Simon befriends a robot ATM.

Episode Four

Marshall's dad loses his briefcase and Marshall and Simon take on the case.

Episode Five

While babysitting Simon's younger brother, Marshall and Simon accidentally trap him in a monster movie.

Episode Six

An eye exam turns Simon into a nerdy zombie!

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