The Best Gifts For The Worst People You Know

Jill Harness

Looking for the perfect holiday gift to give to that special someone you just can't stand? Finding something to perfectly express your disdain can be harder than it seems, but fortunately, InventorSpot has put together a handy guide of terrible presents perfect for 14 types of people to help you figure it out. They've got suggestions for everyone from "your crazy nephew who isn't allowed to handle knives" (a butter cutter) to "the girl who swears you're stalking her" (a customized puzzle featuring a satellite image of her neighborhood) to "the mom who thinks letting her kid outside is just too dangerous" (an indoor marshmallow roaster).

Of course, if you don't find something perfect on that list, you can always check their previous list of terrible gifts dating from 2008, which features such classic terrible gifts as real squirrel feet earrings and a ball filled with air, so you can literally give someone the gift of "nothing."

Or you can go more traditional, and give someone that classic naughty gift—coal.