The Late Movies: Dave Brubeck, Live

Chris Higgins

A week ago today we lost Dave Brubeck, my second-favorite jazz pianist (on my living room stereo he is only surpassed by Vince Guaraldi). I've rounded up a bunch of live performances, along with a few separated in time by 50 years. Enjoy.

"Take Five" (1961)

Easily Brubeck's best-known tune, this performance is from Jazz Casual. "Take Five" is just one composition from the classic Time Out.

"Take Five," Live at Litchfield w/a 10-Year-Old (2008)

Brubeck performs with Dakota Austin, a student at the Litchfield Jazz Camp. Supremely awesome.

"Take the 'A' Train" (1966)

Live in Germany.

"St. Louis Blues," 1961

I love Eugene Wright's bass solo on this one.

"St. Louis Blues," 2010

Live in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Nearly fifty years between performances, and it still swings.

"In Your Own Sweet Way," 1964

Live in Belgium.

The Entire Jazz Casual Set

If you liked the "Take Five" performance above, here's the entire 50-minute Jazz Casual show, including interviews.

Getting Started With Brubeck

If you don't have any Dave Brubeck albums, Time Out is a good starting point, followed by At Carnegie Hall or the box set For All Time. I'm also a big fan of Dave Digs Disney, which is just plain fun.