CERN Students Make Zombie Film ... At CERN

Erin McCarthy

Some of the students working at CERN in 2010 had at least one interesting extracurricular activity: Filming a zombie movie around the facility. In Decay, a disaster at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) releases the Higgs and its particle field, which turns the workers in the underground complex into flesh-hungry undead. A group of scientists isolated in the subterranean control room (which, in real life, is actually on the surface) must try to fight their way out.

The movie was filmed without official approval. Students had no access to the actual tunnel where the LHC is housed, and took pains to make the scientific “facts” totally unbelievable.

"They asked for CERN's endorsement once the whole thing was in the can," spokesman James Gillies told Yahoo. "Clearly we can't endorse such a thing, but nor were we going to stop it. After all, it's just students doing the kind of thing students do."

Decay was written and directed by Luke Thompson, a physicist and doctoral student at Britain's Manchester University; Burton de Wilde, from Stony Brook University in the U.S., served as co-producer and director of photography. You can check out the full movie at