Brain Game: Thinking TV


I've watched more than my fair share of sitcoms during my lifetime... and I still enjoy them more than any "reality" TV currently on the airwaves. To me, TV is meant to be an escape. But enough editorializing! Here's today's Brain Game:

Each of these sitcoms starred a lead male character. What do these lead male characters have in common? The Andy Griffith Show, M*A*S*H, The Jeffersons, Will & Grace.

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Answer: Each has the first name of one U.S. president and the last name of another.

The Andy Griffith Show has Andy Taylor (Andrew Jackson + Zachary Taylor).

M*A*S*H has Benjamin Pierce (Benjamin Harrison + Franklin Pierce)

The Jeffersons has George Jefferson (George Washington + Thomas Jefferson)

Will & Grace has Will Truman (William McKinley + Harry Truman)