Brain Game: Major League Brain


I've been reading more pro baseball stories lately. Even though I nearly gave up on the sport three or four years ago, I find myself intrigued by some of the goings-on. It's just more like watching pro wrestling now instead of the game I grew up with. Anyway, I do enjoy sports-related puzzles, so here's something I created. I hope it doesn't seem too much like a high school test question:

In the top of the first inning, star pitcher Jake recorded three strikeouts.  Unfortunately, he also yielded two extra-base hits (a double and a triple), along with one walk and one single. Runners advanced normally, and there were no other plays (steals, errors, etc). What are the most runs Jake's opponent could have scored? What about the fewest?

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Answer: At most, the opponents could have scored three runs, if the triple was the final hit.

At fewest, they could have scored only a single run, if the triple was first, followed by the double.