candles.jpgEarlier this year, I was speaking to the young son of a long-time friend of mine. (Okay, it didn't really happen like this, but play along with me here.) He seemed particularly happy, so I asked why. "Because," he said, "dad won't let me play football until I'm eight. Two days ago I was only five years old, but next year, I'll be eight!"

Was the little tyke just confused with his calendar? Click here for the answer.

ANSWER: The youngster was correct, and here's how: He was born on December 31, 2001. The date of our conversation was January 1, 2008. He said "two days ago, I was only five." And, sure enough, on December 30, 2007, he was still five years old. He turned six on December 31, 2007. He'll turn seven on December 31, 2008, and since our conversation was in early 2008, he'll turn eight "next year" in 2009 as he claimed.