Brain Game: Dood!


My brain was filled with four-letter words this weekend - not rude ones, mind you - so I decided to employ a few of them in today's Brain Game. Your task? Grab a pen and a scrap piece of paper, and jot down all the four-letter English words you can think of that begin AND end with the letter "T." We found 16 that fit the bill, not including one rude one that (of course) won't be part of our game. How many of the 16 T??T words can you come up with?

HERE are the ones we found.


NOTE: We used Microsoft Word's spell-check feature as a fair way to determine whether the words were legitimate. Your dictionary may contain more or fewer words that meet the requirements... and you know what? That's okay.

tact, tart, taut, teat, tent, test, text, that, tilt, tint, toot, tort, tout, trot, tuft, twit