Brain Game: Boomshine


Kara introduced me to an online game several months back, and it's one of my favorites when I need five or ten minutes of relaxation but can't get away from the computer. It's called Boomshine, and is available here. The basic object is to click and form an onscreen dot that connects with the other onscreen dots, which will clear them from the screen. It's easy to play, but gets rather tricky in the higher levels.

I've not yet mastered the game, although I have scored a Boomshine (clearing all the dots) on the final screen. My only theory is to "click where they ain't, but where they're headed to." If you've played the game, please let us know any hints you may have discovered. And if you haven't, well, you're probably going to hate me for giving you something to waste time with. Sorry 'bout that.

UPDATE: Apologies for the screwy link that appeared earlier this morning... 'tis all fixed now!