Brain Game: Cheetas Never Prosper


It's still summer vacation for some of our students. Back when I was, oh, eight or ten, I remember getting up early every weekday morning during summer vacation to watch Tarzan on TV with Ron Ely. Ah, those were the days. Anyway, reminiscing about that time got me thinking about the famous "Me Tarzan, you Jane" line, and... well, here we go.

Your job is to identify these ten Janes based on the made-up "Tarzan" line about them. An example? Okay. If the clue said "Me Tarzan, you former Mrs. Reagan," the answer would be "Jane Wyman."

1. Me Tarzan, you "stop this crazy thing!" 2. Me Tarzan, you Joyce Penelope Wilhemina Frankenberg. 3. Me Tarzan, this "Dateline NBC." 4. Me Tarzan, you wife on "Father Knows Best." 5. Me Tarzan, you former Playtex spokesperson. 6. Me Tarzan, you famous Hanoi visitor. 7. Me Tarzan, you Prymatt. 8. Me Tarzan, you monkey around with chimps. 9. Me Tarzan, you "Pride & Prejudice" author. 10. Me Tarzan, you... um... er...

HERE are the answers.


1. Jane Jetson
2. Jane Seymour
3. Jane Pauley
4. Jane Wyatt
5. Jane Russell
6. Jane Fonda
7. Jane Curtin
8. Jane Goodall
9. Jane Austen
10. Jane D