Brain Game: Two Minute Warning


On the morning of September 1, Bill bought a fancy gold watch with diamonds all around it and an AM/PM indicator. At 1:00 that afternoon, he set the watch for exactly 1:00 PM. An hour later, he noticed that the watch was two minutes slow. After another hour, it had lost another two minutes. The watch looked so good on his wrist, though, that he didn't want to take it off. "I'll just wait," he said. "It'll show the correct time again one of these days."

Without making any adjustments, at what date & time would the watch show the exact correct time again?

HERE is the answer.

ANSWER: October 1 at 1 PM. The watch loses 2 minutes each hour, or 48 minutes every day. Because of the AM/PM indicator, it would have to lose a full 24 hours before it was correct again. This would take 720 hours, or exactly 30 days.