It's time for All in the Family! The Bunkers (Archie & Edith) and the Stivics (Mike & Gloria) went out to a little Italian restaurant in Queens to enjoy some pasta. The four dishes ordered were cheese ravioli, chicken parmesan, macaroni & cheese, and spaghetti & meatballs. The drinks were beer, soda pop, water, and wine. Based on the following five clues, can you figure out which person enjoyed which dish and which drink?

Edith did not drink an alcoholic beverage.
The wine drinker enjoyed a meatless pasta dish.
Gloria enjoyed the mac & cheese.
The water drinker had the cheese ravioli.
Mike said he wished he had ordered the spaghetti to go with his pop.

HERE are the answers.


Archie had the spaghetti & meatballs with a beer
Edith had the cheese ravioli with water
Mike had the chicken parmesan with soda pop
Gloria had the macaroni & cheese with a glass of wine