Brain Game: 11 Players, 11 Points


Yesterday evening, I watched the Colts and Bears battle each other in the season debut for both teams. During the game, Chicago scored a safety (worth two points) by tackling an Indianapolis running back in his own end zone. That got me thinking...Â

Suppose an NFL team won a game by the final score of 11 to zero. With no regard to the order in which those points were scored, can you name the FIVE different scoring combinations that would total 11 points?

HERE is the answer.


1. Touchdown, extra point, safety, safety (6+1+2+2=11)
2. Touchdown, 2-point conversion, field goal (6+2+3=11)
3. Touchdown (missed extra point), field goal, safety (6+3+2=11)
4. Field goal, field goal, field goal, safety (3+3+3+2=11)
5. Field goal, safety, safety, safety, safety (3+2+2+2+2=11)