Brain Game: There Was a Farmer...


Today's Brain Game isn't quite a puzzle. But it's Friday, so that's okay. No need to take pen to paper today (unless it's to endorse your paycheck, of course).

Bingo players have long debated about the benefits of using the same cards game after game versus switching cards each game. After years of research, studies have determined that those who play the same set of cards regularly while participating in Bingo have slightly better odds of winning than those who choose new, different cards each time. What's their theory about the reason for this difference?

HERE is the answer.


They believe that is has nothing to do with the numbers called, but simply the fact that a player who plays the same cards all the time begins to "learn" which numbers appear on them and which don't. This makes it less likely that those players would "miss" any matching number when it was called. Over a long period of time, that tiny difference adds up to a few more won games, slightly increasing their odds.