Brain Game: Rich, Cold, and Turkey-Fed


One of the most difficult aspects of composing the Brain Game is trying to explain the instructions. Some otherwise easy puzzles just defy being pinned down to a quick set of steps. For what it's worth, I tried several different ways to phrase the instructions to today's puzzle, and hope I nailed it. Please read carefully!

You're looking for a particular five-letter sequence. When this entire five-letter sequence is added to each of the words below (before, after, or somewhere in the middle), you'll end up with: a North Pole island, a fictional tycoon, and Thanksgiving (in America).  B A T T O N D A Y

HERE is the solution.



THURSTON (Howell, fictional tycoon on TV's "Gilligan's Island)
BATHURST (Canadian island located at the North Pole)
THURSDAY (the day of the week on which Thanksgiving is held in the U.S.)