Brain Game: Which Sandwich?


Okay, logic game fans, you asked for it. Jane, Jeff, Jill, John and Jude worked together in the same office. On Friday, they had five sandwiches delivered for their lunch - a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a chicken sandwich, a fish sandwich, and a roast beef sandwich. Here are four clues to help you along:

Jeff ordered one of the burgers. Jill ordered cheese on her sandwich, but it was not the cheeseburger. John doesn't eat red meat. Jude's order and Jill's order began with the same letter of the alphabet.

Can you determine which worker ordered which sandwich? Good luck!

HERE is the solution.


Jane -> roast beef sandwich
Jeff -> hamburger
Jill ->  chicken sandwich
John ->  fish sandwich
Jude ->  cheeseburger