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Brain Game: T-shirts for All!


Life is not the same today as it was yesterday. A quick scan of the news headlines reveals that the Dow posted record losses, Ed McMahon is being sued (again!), and the Detroit Lions didn't lose. (Okay, it was their bye week.) It's singlehandedly up to me, your humble research editor and quizmaster, to keep mental_floss afloat in this sea of confusion and dismay. And you know what that means: a T-shirt sale!

Actually, we're offering a sale on everything in our store. Just key in the coupon code BAILOUT and enjoy a ten percent discount on your purchase. When you're done, bask in the glow of the pride you feel for helping to keep mental_floss running smoothly - and then give today's Brain Game a shot! Here it is:

Beyond back issues of the magazine, T-shirts were one of the first items we offered in the mental_floss store. Our best-selling shirt is nicknamed Pluto, followed by Rhesus, Pi, Scurvy and Pavlov.

shirts.gif /

For the upcoming holidays, Penny bought one each of these five T-shirts for her siblings, Benny, Denny, Jenny, Kenny and Lenny. But who received which shirt? Here are four clues to help you come up with your answer:Â

Denny's shirt is one of the two shirts with *two-color printing.Lenny's shirt is ranked just above Kenny's on the list. The numeral "5" appears on Jenny's shirt.Benny's shirt does NOT depict a human.

NOTE: for those of you with monitors that don't show it well,
the two shirts with two-color printing are Pluto and Pi.

HERE is the solution.


Benny received the Rhesus shirt,
Denny the Pluto shirt,
Jenny the Pi shirt,
Kenny the Pavlov shirt, and
Lenny the Scurvy shirt.

Remember to use the coupon code BAILOUT to score ten percent off anything and everything in our store. And keep your chin up!