Brain Game: American Made


This is my first attempt at a 3 x 3 x 3 logic puzzle as opposed to a two-way, so bear with me. If you're a devout logic puzzle fan, it might be easy. For the rest of us, I'm hoping it's Goldilocks-quality "just right."

Three men, named Jones, Smith, and Wayne, each buy a new car. One of the cars is red, one is green, and one is black. One of the men purchased a Dodge, one got a Mercury, and the third bought a Pontiac. (Sorry, I live in metro Detroit. Shout out to the Big Three, unless it's now Two.)

Anyway, based on the following three clues, can you figure out which man bought which car, along with its color?

1. The black car, which was not the Pontiac, was not Smith's. 2. One of the cars was a green Mercury. 3. Wayne's car was larger than the Dodge, but smaller than the red car.

HERE is the solution.


Jones bought the black Dodge,
Smith the red Pontiac, and
Wayne the green Mercury.