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Brain Game: Wilmaaaaaaaa!

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The eight are having a brontoburger picnic in the backyard to celebrate Dino and Hoppy's return. (They just got back from the vet after having been neutered. Ouch.) To help reduce the trauma of the event, the group randomly divided up into four teams to play a series of games. Each team was comprised of ONE adult, and either a child or a pet. (And no, teammates weren't necessarily related to one another.)

Based on the following clues, can you determine the members of each team?

1. Barney's teammate was not a child. 2. Either Wilma OR Betty's teammate lived with her, but not both. 3. Betty's teammate and Fred's teammate were both males (or had been before the neutering - ouch).

HERE is the solution.


The four teams:

Fred & Bamm-Bamm
Wilma & Pebbles
Barney & Hoppy
Betty & Dino