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Brain Game: Monday Night on Tuesday


After several late nights (and early mornings) fact-checking the upcoming issue of mental_floss, my wife Kara took Monday to catch up on her rest. I should have done the same, but instead, I watched Monday Night Football. I still forget that it's on ESPN now instead of ABC, but that just shows my age.

Anyway, last night's game involved the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints. Noting that both of those location/team combinations were three words long, the names of NFL teams begged some research, and I came up with today's Brain Game. (So now I can feel like my TV watching contributed to my job. Woohoo!)

When it comes to current location-team combinations, what NFL team has an eight-syllable name (longer than any other)?

HERE is the solution.


The only eight-syllable team is the San Francisco 49ers.