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Brain Game: I Found My Thrill...


It was a cold night in Milwaukee in 1959 when the Happy Days boys decided to get together for a late-night game of penny-ante five-card draw. The Fonz picked up some cigars (bubble gum cigars, of course) and beer (root beer, naturally) and met up with Potsie, Ralph and Richie at his apartment over the Cunninghams' garage.

Joanie interrupted once (to flirt with Potsie, of course) but the rest of the game was unenventful until the final hand. That last draw of the night was a big one, with a total pot of 83 cents. The winning hand was a full house, which beat the other three hands: from highest to lowest, a straight, one pair, and a "nothing" hand.

Based on the following clues, can you figure out which player held which hand, and who won the 83 cents?

1. Richie had two aces and three other cards. 2. Ralph didn't win the hand. 3. Potsie's hand was better than Richie's, but worse than Fonzie's.

HERE is the solution.


The Fonz won with the full house, followed by Potsie with the straight, Richie with one pair, and Ralph with nothing but his smile.