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Brain Game: September Morn


I recently added some events to my online 2009 calendar. For those of you whose brows are now furrowed because you know me, yes, I keep a calendar. (I just rarely refer to it.) Anyway, I made an entry for July 8, 2009, which was shown in "American style dating" as 07/08/09 - a neat sequence where each subsequent number is increased by one. So it made me think...

Including 07/08/09, how many times will a date like that occur between now and the end of the 21st century?

HERE is the solution.


Six times. After 07/08/09, it will occur on 08/09/10, 09/10/11, 10/11/12, 11/12/13, and 12/13/14. Since there's no 13th month, we won't see it again until 01/02/03 - that's the year 2103.