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Brain Game: Four Cars, No Waiting


Today's Brain Game is my first 4x4x4 logic puzzle, which is a stupid, stupid thing for me to even attempt to construct. But many of you have expressed interest in those types of puzzles, so I'm doing my best to learn on the fly. Hopefully, you won't need a fly swatter.

Here goes: Recently, I was reminiscing about four used cars I owned and drove in succession back in the 1980s. One was beige, one burgundy, one red, and one yellow. (Yes, yellow. And it was "awesome," as we used to say back then.)  What's more, each vehicle was a foreign import: a Datsun, an Isuzu, a Toyota, and a Volkswagen. (Obviously, I wasn't a Detroit-area resident back then.) Based on the following clues, can you determine which car was which color, and in which order I purchased these cars?

1. Neither the first car nor the last car I bought (which was red) was German-made. 2. I owned the beige car, which was not the Toyota, just before I bought the Isuzu. 3. The Datsun, which was not burgundy, was the second car of the bunch.

Here's the SOLUTION.


The first car was the burgundy Toyota, followed by the yellow Datsun, the beige Volkswagen, and the red Isuzu.