Brain Game: New Jerseys


Well, we've done a 3x3 logic puzzle, and a 4x4. I went crazy last week and did a 3x3x3. Today, I pull out all the stops with a 9x9. Hopefully, it works out well, and you won't come after me with a 2x4.

Today's Brain Game involves an intramural softball team from earlier this year. The nine players, Abe, Bob, Cal, Don, Eli, Fox, Gus, Hal, and Ike, pooled their money to buy the team jerseys for the upcoming season. To save money, they only purchased single-digit numbers for each jersey. So one of the players was #1, one was #2, and so on through #9. (There was no #0 jersey.)

Based on the following clues, can you determine which player wore which number jersey?

1. Hal's jersey number is a prime number (and as a preemptive strike, 1 is not a prime number). 2. Fox's number is equal to one-third of Bob's number. 3. When written out, the digit on Cal's jersey has the same number of letters as his name. 4. Don's number is double Abe's number, and Abe's number is double Ike's number. 5. Gus' number is one less than Eli's number, which was not odd.

Here's the SOLUTION.


#1 - Cal
#2 - Ike
#3 - Fox
#4 - Abe
#5 - Gus
#6 - Eli
#7 - Hal
#8 - Don
#9 - Bob

So you know, the team disbanded after only one game. Cal, the pitcher, strained his groin on the first pitch of the season. Because he wore an extra-small jersey, they couldn't find a replacement player fit into the jersey, and the team was forced to forfeit the rest of their games because they didn't have the required nine players. Bitterness and disappointment was the result.

The Moral: Sometimes, it's good to be an XL.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I changed a word in the final clue (from "nine" to "odd") to ensure that everyone came up with the same solution. As a result, many of the early COMMENTS below will not apply. Thanks to everyone for watching out for those correct answers; I appreciate your bearing with me as I learn more about doing these logic puzzles you love so much.  :)