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Brain Game: Nothing Rhymes with Month


Have I told you about Jan and Van? They're a make-believe couple that are raising three wonderful make-believe children, named Dan, Han, and Nan. Of the five people in the make-believe family, one of them was born in February, one in April, one in July, one in August, and one in November. (So, yes, I've had five pieces of make-believe birthday cake in their make-believe house this year.)

Based on the following clues, can you determine whose birthday occurs in which month of the year?

1. Han was born in a month that has 31 days. 2. Nan was born in a month whose name begins with the letter "A." 3. Dan was born two months later in the year than Van.

Here's the SOLUTION.


Dan was born in April;
Han was born in July;
Jan was born in November;
Nan was born in August;
Van was born in February.