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Brain Game: No Playin'


Wednesday, we asked our readers to offer a word that fit a particular pattern. Kara and I perused the answers and have chosen a winner: LANDFILL, which was suggested by Diana. We selected the word because it's a common term that neither one of us came up with when we were composing the puzzle. Nice job, Diana! We'll drop you an email soon, and you can choose a reference book from our library or an autographed copy of one of our own trivia books.

It's Friday and the holidays are very near, so today's Brain Game involves the heart instead of the brain. But it might be the most important thing you do today, so please accept it in its intended spirit:

Take the two minutes it might have taken you to solve today's Brain Game, and use it to do something nice - and unexpected - for someone. Of course, we want you to return Monday and play the Brain Game. We'd prefer compassionate readers, but we admit it: we need ALL of you!

On Monday, the Brain Game will return its focus to the proper bodily organ with a brand new puzzle. Happy holidays, everyone!