Brain Game: Join in Any Reindeer Games Lately?


Here's a holiday present for the Brain Game's loyal readers: a combination trivia-and-logic puzzle! (To avoid confusion, all our logic puzzles - including this one - will now include a breakdown of the logic sequence following the answer.) And here goes:

"A Visit from St. Nicholas" identifies Santa's traditional reindeer by name in a particular order: "Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet, on, Cupid! On, Donder and Blitzen!" The eight high-flying hoofers normally take to the air in this configuration, but not always. After a while, Dasher gets tired of all the bugs in his teeth, and Vixen grows weary of seeing nothing but cervine butt in front of him. So - to mix things up a bit - they occasionally line up in a different order.

This was one of those times. Based on the following five clues, can you tell which reindeer was in which position?

1. The reindeer that shares his name with a once-popular all-woman rock band went 5th. 2. Blitzen is situated just before Donder in the order. 3. The reindeer that shares his name with a 1970s-80s Volkswagen car model went 3rd. 4. Dancer's rank wasn't 8th, but he did appear later in the order than Cupid did. 5. The reindeer that shares his name with a 1989 holiday feature film went 7th.

Here's the SOLUTION.


1st = Blitzen
2nd = Donder
3rd = Dasher
4th = Cupid
5th = Vixen
6th = Dancer
7th = Prancer
8th = Comet

Logic Sequence:

Clue #1. Vixen = 5th.
Clue #2. Blitzen can't be 4th or 8th, Donder can't be 1st or 6th
Clue #3. Dasher = 3rd.
Clue #4. Dancer can't be 8th or 1st. Cupid can't be 8th.
Clue #5. Prancer = 7th.
Reviewing clue #2, the only possibility is Blitzen = 1st, Donder = 2nd.
Reviewing clue #4, the only possibility is Dancer = 6th, Cupid = 4th, Comet = 8th.