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Brain Game: IMMIX for MMIX


Six years in, and Kara and I are proud to still be doing our daily Web quiz, now known as 5 Questions. It's part of the site's Daily Flossings section, which includes some other items that are not commonly promoted on the blog. You can find Daily Flossings near the center of our home page at If you haven't checked it out in a while, please do so! 

Today's Brain Game is more of a know-it-or-you-don't than a puzzle, but since it's the first Monday of 2009, I felt it was best to let everyone ease back into their routines. And I thought today's game was interesting, considering (1) it's a new year and (B) I love letters and words.

The Roman numerals representing 2009 are MMIX. While doing some digging for puzzles wrapped around these letters, I noticed a very similar word that I was unfamiliar with: immix. 

What's the definition of IMMIX? (No, it's not those fancy theatres with the huge movie screens.)

Here's the ANSWER.


Per the American Heritage dictionary, it means "to commingle" or to "blend." It's from the Latin immìscêre, which has the same meaning.