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Brain Game: Taking Shape


Five men - Carmen, Darwin, Garmin, Harmon, and Norman - started a new software company together. (Yeah, go figure, in this economy.) They agreed on many things, but they couldn't decide on what shape the company logo should be, except that it should be geometrical. One of them touted a triangle, one rallied for a rectangle, one pushed for a pentagon, one hankered for a hexagon, and one opted for an octagon.

Based on the following three clues, can you determine which man championed which logo shape? Good luck!

1: Harmon's shape had twice as many sides as Darwin's shape. 2: Garmin's shape had exactly one less side than Carmen's shape. 3: Norman's shape had an odd number of sides.

Here's the SOLUTION.


Carmen has the hexagon,
Darwin has the rectangle,
Garmin has the pentagon,
Harmon has the octagon, and
Norman has the triangle.

Logic Sequence:

Clue 1: Either (A) Harmon=hexagon and Darwin=triangle, or (B) Harmon=octagon and Darwin=rectangle.

Clue 2: Carmen could not have had the triangle or the octagon. Garmin could not have had the hexagon or octagon.

By elimination, we can label Norman=octagon as (A), since either (A) or (B) has to be correct.

Clue 3: Norman cannot have the octagon, so (A) is incorrect and (B) is correct.

Referring back to Clue 2, Garmin must have the pentagon and Carmen the hexagon, which leaves Norman the triangle.