Brain Game: Just Prez Play


Regardless of your political affiliation, please take a moment to wish good fortune to our 44th president, who will take office today and lead our nation into the future. Good leadership not only warrants support, it requires it.

Today's 5 Questions quiz is about presidential inaugurations, and today's Brain Game takes a look back at the eight men who have most recently held the office of commander-in-chief. Good luck!

Of the eight most recent U.S. presidents (including our newest), exactly half of them were given birth names that included a suffix like Jr., II, or III. Can you identify those four?

Here are the ANSWERS.


James Earl Carter Jr.
William Jefferson Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III
Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. was born Leslie Lynch King Jr.
Barack Hussein Obama II

Although the Bushes are sometimes casually referred to as "Senior" and "Junior," their birth certificates do not indicate any suffixes, and they do not use them personally.