Brain Game: Rhoda Rooters


It was lunchtime at the WJM newsroom in Minneapolis, and sandwiches were served all around. Lou, Mary, and Murray ate a quick lunch at their desks, while Ted had his delivered to his dressing room. The beverages that accompanied their meals were (in no particular order) a Coke, a Diet Pepsi, a 7Up, and a cup of coffee. Based on these three clues, can you determine which of the Channel 12 staffers drank which beverage with their lunches?

1. Murray's drink was not clear in color. 2. Ted drank a dark cola, but Mary did not. 3. Lou enjoyed a Coca-Cola product. NOTE: Clue #2 was amended to say "dark cola" to avoid any confusion

Here is the SOLUTION.


Lou had the Coke,
Ted had the Diet Pepsi,
Mary had the 7Up, and
Murray drank the coffee.


Clue 1: Murray did not have the 7Up.

Clue 2: Ted had either Pepsi or Coke. Mary had either 7Up or coffee.

Clue 3: Lou drank Coke (the only Coca-Cola product of the four). This means that Mary had the 7Up (the only option left for her), which leaves Murray with the coffee and Ted with the Diet Pepsi.