Brain Game: Always Tip Pizza Guy


If you ever lived with a roommate in college, you've been one of the three guys mentioned in this story. Admit it. Go on.

Pizza Guy just arrived, and you're broke. It's $5-a-pie Tuesday, but you spent your last money on some magazine subscription. Hmm. No luck under the sofa cushions, but then you remember: Your roommate keeps a jar full of change on his closet shelf! Not pennies, either -- the coins are all nickels, dimes, and quarters. You sneak into his room, grab a handful of coins from the jar, then return to the door and hand them to your Italian food delivery professional. "How much is that?" you ask. After counting, he speaks. "Neat! You gave me an equal number of nickels, dimes, and quarters, and I got a dollar tip. Thanks!" Exactly how many coins did you hand to Pizza Guy?

Here is the SOLUTION.


45 coins total

15 quarters = $3.75
15 dimes = $1.50
15 nickels = $0.75

45 coins = $6.00