Brain Game: I Heart Huxtables


At the Huxtable household, Valentine's Day is a special day. Mother Claire kicks off the holiday a week early by secretly assigning each of her five children the job of sending a valentine card to one other sibling. She makes the assignments herself, but asks the kids to keep quiet until the five cards are delivered. She even takes the time to ensure that the sender of each card doesn't receive a card from that same sibling. What a mom, huh?

Anyway, you probably know the names of the Huxtable brood. Sondra is the oldest, followed by Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and little Rudy. Given the above information and these three clues, can you determine the senders and recipients of each of the five valentine cards?

1. Theo sent his valentine to a sibling older than he. 2. Sondra's valentine went to one of the two youngest Huxtables. 3. Denise, who did not send a valentine to Vanessa, thanked Rudy for hers.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Rudy sent a valentine to Denise;
Vanessa sent a valentine to Rudy;
Theo sent a valentine to Sondra;
Denise sent a valentine to Theo; and
Sondra sent a valentine to Vanessa.


Clue #1 indicates that Theo sent a valentine to either Denise or Sondra.

Clue #2 reveals that Sondra sent a valentine to either Rudy or Vanessa.

According to clue #3, Denise did not send Vanessa's valentine. Also, Rudy sent Denise's valentine.

By elimination, Theo sent Sondra's valentine.

Since Rudy sent Denise's card, Denise could not have sent Rudy's valentine; so Denise's card went to Theo.

Vanessa could not have sent a valentine to herself, so hers went to Rudy, and Sondra's went to Vanessa.