Brain Game: Three of a Perfect Pair


Kara and I plan to offer a "state" puzzle book one of these days... I've got tons of state-related puzzles put away for future use; maybe we'll even make it a mental_floss exclusive. Would you enjoy such a book? Most importantly, would you buy such a book? (Yes, I know, brass tacks.) Are there other types of puzzles (or themes surrounding them) that you'd like to see available in a "Brain Games" book? Please drop us a comment below. But before you do...

Alabama & Arkansas are near one another, but do not share a common border. In fact, there are only THREE pairs of U.S. states that both begin with the same letter of the alphabet AND border one another physically on the map. Can you name all three pairs?

Here is the SOLUTION.


New Jersey & New York,
Illinois & Iowa,
Illinois & Indiana.