Brain Game: No, it's not "Part II"


I may have mentioned that I spent some time a few weeks back perusing the IMDb's many lists of motion picture superlatives, examining both the best and the worst of the world of cinema. Admittedly, I was also looking for some Brain Game fodder, and this is one of my favorites. It sounds like a trivia question, and it is, but some careful thought might lead you to the correct answer... so I think our regulars will agree that it qualifies as a Brain Game. Here it is; good luck!

What two-word sequence appears an amazing 15 TIMES in the titles of the 30 biggest U.S. box-office hits of the past 30 years?

Want a hint? Re-read the title of today's Brain Game post. Want another? Turn your desk over (or stand on your head, if you'd rather) and read this:


a hint
a hint /


Here is the SOLUTION.




The films are:

Harry Potter and the Order OF THE Phoenix

Indiana Jones and the Temple OF THE Crystal Skull

The Lord OF THE Rings: Fellowship OF THE Ring
The Lord OF THE Rings: The Two Towers 
The Lord OF THE Rings: The Return OF THE King

The Passion OF THE Christ

Pirates OF THE Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates OF THE Caribbean: The Curse OF THE Black Pearl
Pirates OF THE Caribbean: At World's End

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack OF THE Clones
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge OF THE Sith
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return OF THE Jedi