Brain Game: Keep Frank out of the tank


Poor Frank. The police had pulled him over for a busted turn signal, but now he was downtown at headquarters being grilled by two burly men. They'd found a suspicious note in his pocket with a list of names and numbers. Frank had to think fast.

"It's a receipt," he insisted, "not a hit list! I went to the store to get coffee filters, frozen fish, foot pads, and cereal. And the numbers are the prices, not how much I received for knocking those people off. I mean, if I had done that. I'm innocent!"

The four names on the list were Mr. Coffee, Cap'n Crunch, Mrs. Paul, and Dr. Scholl. And the prices (highest to lowest) were $4.99, $3.89, $2.79, and $1.69. Based on the two clues that follow, can you determine the price of each item? Help Frank out, will ya? Good luck!

1. The cereal was more than twice as expensive as the frozen fish. 2. The coffee filters were $1.10 cheaper than the foot pads.

Here is the SOLUTION.


the Cap'n Crunch cereal was $4.99
the Dr. Scholl's foot pads were $3.89
the Mr. Coffee filters were $2.79
the Mrs. Paul's fish sticks (on sale!) were $1.69


Clue 1: The fish has to be $1.69, since no higher price fits. Also, the cereal has to be either $3.89 or $4.99.

Clue 2: Since the foot pads couldn't be $2.79, that has to be the price for the coffee filters. And since the foot pads are $1.10 more, they were priced at $3.89, leaving the cereal at $4.99.