Brain Game: In Spades


I wonder what percentage of American households don't have at least one deck of playing cards stashed away? While I'm off looking that up, enjoy today's Brain Game: Three Questions about playing cards (those from a common 52-card deck). Good luck!

1. The names of what two specific cards in a 52-card deck contain the letter "U" twice? 2. What is the most obvious difference between the two jokers included in a typical deck of cards? 3. What is the only card in the diamonds suit whose design is NOT identical upside-down and right-side-up?

NOTE: The text of question #3 was tweaked after readers pointed out some issues. Thanks!

Here are the ANSWERS.



1. the Four of Clubs and the Queen of Clubs
2. one has a color image, the other black-and-white
3. the Seven of Diamonds

Have a great weekend!