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Brain Game: One, Two, Three, Spit


Before today's Brain Game, a heartfelt salute to the late Paul Harvey. Perhaps more than anyone else, he's the man who got me interested in journalism, trivia, and storytelling. Never once do I recall turning on his radio show and not learning something before he'd say "Good day!" God bless you, Paul. We'll miss you.

Major League Baseball is getting ready to kick back into gear after some time off. I might actually watch some games this year, since I imagine that - for the first time in many years - the players still in the game are all starting off on an even keel (without any performance-enhancing substances in their system). Notwithstanding that hotly-debated subject, baseball has changed a bit over the past decade or so, as evidenced by the Q and A in today's Brain Game. (Remember to think geographically as well as "mascotly," if that's a word.) Good luck!

What THREE Major League Baseball franchises will begin play in the 2009 season under different full names than they used for the 1999 MLB season?

Here is the ANSWER.


The Montreal Expos (1999) are now the Washington Nationals.
The Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1999) are now the Tampa Bay Rays.
The Anaheim Angels (1999) are now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.