Brain Game: Bingo for Five


They called themselves the Cinnamon Women, for reasons better left private. Anna, Cora, Erma, Ida and Myra were long-time friends who loved to play bridge. Once a month, however, they met at a local Bingo parlor to let loose. The final game of the night offered a nice $500 pot, and each of the five ladies were only one letter away from winning. In no particular order, one of the women needed B-8, another wanted I-23, a third hoped for N-31, another prayed for G-54, and the last waited for O-72. Based on the following four clues, can you determine which player needed which letter-number "call" in order to emerge victorious and pocket the prize?

1. The call Ida wanted was the lowest possible number for its corresponding letter.2. The call Myra wanted was four syllables long (letter and number).3. The number attached to the call Anna wanted was a prime number.4. Only one woman shared a letter of her first name with the letter of the call she wanted.Â

Here is the SOLUTION.


Anna's needed call was I-23,
Cora's was O-72,
Erma's was B-8,
Ida's was N-31, and
Myra's was G-54.

One possible logic sequence:

Per Clue #1, Ida's call was N-31, since the letters under "N" run from 31 to 45.

Per Clue #2, Myra's call was either I-23 or G-54.

Per Clue #3, Anna's call had to be I-23, since 23 is the only prime number left. Myra's call is G-54 since that's the only option left for her.

None of the existing matches works with Clue #4, so one of the two unassigned combinations must be the match. It's Cora with O-72, the only one that matches. This leaves B-8 for Erma.