Brain Game: Cal's Free Wheels


Calvin's father owned a used car lot, and he promised the 22-year-old college student that he'd give him one of the best cars in his lot upon graduation, as long as he could prove that he'd learned something. Knowing that Cal had trouble with logic (and had failed a statistics class the first time around), his dad decided to give the young man a true challenge. He'd provide some clues to the vehicles he considered, and then give Calvin a choice between two cars. If he chose correctly, he'd receive that car as a gift. If not, he'd have to leave college on foot. As Cal and his father left the Wossamatta U. graduation ceremony and ambled their way to the parking lot, the elder man prompted him:

"I'd buy you a Camaro, but not a Mustang. I'd buy you a Tundra, but not a Ram. I'd buy you a Miata, but not a Cherokee. I'd buy you a Focus, but not a Civic." Then, Cal pointed to two vehicles in the parking lot: a Continental and a Crossfire. "Which one do you choose?" he asked. Calvin answered correctly, and happily drove away. Which car did he choose, and how did he know?

Here is the SOLUTION.


He chose the Crossfire. Cal's dad would only buy him a vehicle whose name and make began with the same letter (a Chevy Camaro, a Toyota Tundra, a Mazda Miata, a Ford Focus) but not different letters (a Ford Mustang, a Dodge Ram, a Jeep Cherokee, a Honda Civic). Calvin figured this out, and correctly chose the Chrysler Crossfire over the Lincoln Continental.

Did you solve the puzzle? Or did you come up with a different reason and/or a different car? Feel free to share your ideas (kindly, please) in the comments. Thanks!