Brain Game: The T-Five


Five high-school students - who play the guitar, drums, harmonica, bass, and saxophone - recently decided to get together and form a quintet. (Yes, I know it doesn't make sense to have harmonica and sax... but hey, it's not my band.) Anyway, the five musicians practice each day after school, and have dubbed their band The T-Five since they each adopted names that begin with the letter T. The three boys are Telly, Tommy, and Tubby, while Taffy and Tippy are the two girls.

Based on the following clues, can you determine which member plays which instrument in the band? Good luck!:

1. Both Tommy and the bass player sing prominently, since both can sing and play at the same moment. 2. Tippy truly appreciates the convenience of being able to carry her instrument in her pocket. 3. Taffy does not play a stringed instrument. Neither does Telly, who is not the drummer.

Here is the SOLUTION.



Taffy plays the drums,
Telly plays the saxophone,
Tippy plays the harmonica,
Tommy plays guitar, and
Tubby plays bass.